About Us

Ralph Wettach Boutique Caterers (RWBC) has been in business for over 22 years, operating in Vienna, Florence and now London.  The influences of Europe dominate our menus, and we match those with a knowledge and love of contemporary, innovative cuisine.

Founded on principles of excellent service, outstanding presentation and a quality product, RWBC prides itself in our talent for creative, innovative dishes that please the eye as well as the palate.  Focusing on fresh, seasonal produce, our menus encapsulate the tastes and influences that we have captured over the years.

Managed and overseen by Ralph Wettach, who brings his innate sense of artistry to his presentation and his knowledge and skills to every dish, RWBC guarantees successful functions for all its clients. Originally formally trained in Vienna, Austria, Ralph’s personable style, enjoyment of working directly with clients, and his extensive experience within the hospitality industry, will ensure you are able to relax, confident that he will be working to achieve only the very best for you.

Over the years, our food has brought people together and created lifelong memories. We would love the opportunity to create those for you too.
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