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Our shop is open - Monday to Saturday - 9 till 4 


RALPH's Catering and Deli 


Due to the recent announcement, we are reinstating our  

Weekly Lockdown Menu

 for pick up or delivery.


The new weekly Menu will go live every Thursday afternoon for the following week, and you can place your online order till Tuesday afternoon,

 for Friday pick up or delivery if necessary.


Pick up from our shop is from 12 noon till 3.30 pm Fridays

For delivery we aim to deliver between 1 pm and 4 pm Fridays


Please order via the online menu on our website, if you are experiencing any unforeseen difficulties please text message us on 07766720862, and we will help you with your order.


Our freezer meals are available at the shop, and are changing regularly.



All deliveries are contactless to keep you and our staff safe.


Our delivery areas include Surbiton, Kingston, Thames Ditton, Molesey, Walton, Hersham, Claygate, Esher, Cobham and Oxshot.


For any deliveries outside this area please text message us n 07766720862 to discuss your requirements. A delivery charge may apply.


Please note we are following all Government guidelines in line with 

COVID-19 during preparation, pick up and deliveries.





Thank you for your continuing support


Ralph & Team


Ralph Wettach Boutique Caterers (RWBC) has been in business for over 30 years, operating in Vienna, Florence and now London. The influences of Europe dominate our menus, and we match those with a knowledge and love of contemporary, innovative cuisine.


Founded on principles of excellent service, outstanding presentation and a quality product, RWBC prides itself in our talent for creative, innovative dishes that please the eye as well as the palate. Focusing on fresh, seasonal produce, our menus encapsulate the tastes and influences that we have captured over the years.


Managed and overseen by Ralph Wettach, who brings his innate sense of artistry to his presentation and his knowledge and skills to every dish, RWBC guarantees successful functions for all its clients. Originally formally trained in Vienna, Austria, Ralph’s personable style, enjoyment of working directly with clients, and his extensive experience within the hospitality industry, will ensure you are able to relax, confident that he will be working to achieve only the very best for you.


Over the years, our food has brought people together and created lifelong memories. We would love the opportunity to create those for you too.

Catering Menu




Boxes – Boards – Platters - Tables

Minimum order 12 guests or refer to our Grazing Boxes in our online shop


You can choose your theme - might it be Italian, Middle Eastern, Spanish, British, Continental or a mix of all of them.

Our grazing boards include a variety of cheeses, charcuterie, mezze, antipasti, tapas, dips, hummus, nuts, dried fruit, olives, fruit, pickles, crackers, crostini,......................................and much more.

Please contact us for a quote tailored to your requirements.

We can either delivery the readymade boards or you can pick it up from our shop in Surbiton or we can transform your kitchen / dining or outdoor table into a grazing food display.



All our Cheese boards are served with home made fig/almond log, wine crackers, crostini, fresh figs, nuts and fresh and dried fruit

Minimum order 12 guests or refer to our Grazing Boxes in our online shop.


Canape Menu

Please email or call us for a customised quote based on your guest numbers. Discounts apply to larger events.

Minimum order 15 per item



Chargrilled red pepper paella cakes-manchego-alioli   v, gfo

Raw Vietnamese vegetable rice paper rolls-nuoc cham dip   v, ve, gf

Selection of vegetable sushi-wasabi-soy-pickled ginger  v, ve, gf

Sweet potato-spring onion-feta-chilli fritter-yoghurt lime dip  v, gf

Gruyere Shortbread-sun blushed tomato-basil mascarpone  v

Panko crumbed marinated artichoke-black truffle aioli v, gfo

Feta cheese-watermelon skewer-mint-mint-nigella seeds  v, gf

Grilled Mediterranean vegetable tarts-parmesan custard-basil pesto  v

Crispy corn tortilla-grilled corn-guacamole-red pepper salsa v, ve, gf, oso

Marinated artichoke crostini-cannellini bean hummus-basil oil v, ve, oso

Sweetcorn-chilli fritters-tomato herb salsa  v, ve, gf

Pea-ricotta-mint filo tarts-cress v



Crispy tortilla-Mexican spiced chicken-avocado-jalapeno mayonnaise   gf

Spicy chorizo paella cakes-alioli   gfo

asparagus tips rolled in parma ham-hollandaise dip    gf

Sourdough crostini-grilled chorizo-red onion-parsley preserved lemon pesto  

Chargrilled chicken skewers-satay sauce-roasted cashew n, gf

Lamb-beef kofta-greek yoghurt-sumac-mint-pomegranate  gf

Seared beef carpaccio-aged parmesan-rocket-black truffle mayonnaise   gf, oso

Seared rare beef skewers-red pesto-toasted walnuts    gf, n

Pink roast beef-stilton-grilled onion-sourdough crostini



Thai red curry duck pies-bamboo shoots-peas-coriander relish

Parma ham-sweet melon skewers-crispy basil-tuscan extra virgin olive oil   Gf

Pork-green apple-fennel-sausage rolls-black truffle ketchup   gfo

Chicken meatballs-sesame sauce-spring onion-green chilli   gf

Sheesh kebab-naan bread-pickled cucumber yoghurt  

Marinated chargrilled Pork skewers-spicy Korean dip gf

Wiener schnitzel from the pork fillet-lingonberry chutney

Back Hendl-Austrian marinated crumbed chicken-tartare sauce



Potato skins-smoked haddock-quail egg-chive   gf, oso

Sweet potato cakes-smoked salmon-mascarpone-preserved lemon    gf, oso

Cod balls-ginger-chilli sauce    gf, n

Spiced haddock fish cakes-tumeric curry leave mayonnaise gf

Togarashi spiced salmon skewers-yuzu dip    gf

Thai fish cakes-cucumber pickle   gf

Selection of tuna and salmon sushi-wasabi-soy-pickled ginger  gf

Marinated-panko crumbed salmon fish fingers-tartare sauce  gfo

Mackerel pate-toasted brioche-mascarpone-caviar

Tandoori Prawn skewers-lime pickle yoghurt  gf

Crispy Seared tuna-seaweed-panko-mango salsa gfo



Raw Vietnamese vegetable rice paper rolls-nuoc cham   v, ve, gf

Selection of vegetable sushi-wasabi-soy-pickled ginger  v, ve, gf

Crispy corn tortilla-grilled corn-guacamole-red pepper salsa v, ve, gf, oso

Sweet potato-spring onion-chilli fritter-tamari-lime dip   v, gf, ve

Marinated artichoke crostini-cannellini bean hummus-basil oil v, ve

Sweetcorn-chilli fritters-tomato herb salsa  v, ve, gf



Pecan caramel tart + chocolate drizzle  n

Walnut-pistachio baklava   n

Orange-pistachio friands-pomegranate-whipped cream   n

Triple chocolate brownie squares  gfo 

Raspberry lime cheesecake squares  gfo 

Austrian Apple strudel-vanilla cream

Chocolate dipped British strawberries  gf

Lemon meringue squares

Chocolate truffles-seasonal flavours  gf

Baklava-walnut-lemon-honey-pistachio  n



Bowl Food

Served only

Minimum 25 guests



Chicken tagine-chickpea-dried apricots-almond-coriander cous cous-yoghurt-pomegranate  n

Austrian beef Gulasch-crispy bread dumpling-gherkin relish

Lamb-beef Kofta-harissa yoghurt-Israeli cous cous-mint oil-pomegranate

Five spiced duck stir fry-egg noodles-bak Choy-crispy onions

Chicken Cacciatore-smoked pancetta-portobello mushrooms-fried polenta  gf

Pork-beef meatballs-rich tomato sauce-orzo pasta-gremolata

Chicken meatballs-egg noodle stir fry-sesame sauce

Shredded lamb-Tabouleh salad-labne-date syrup-pomegranate-mint



Rare Thai beef salad-rice noodles-shredded vegetables-lime-coriander   gf

Slow cooked porchetta-soft polenta-salsa verde-aged parmesan crisps   gf

Lamb and spinach curry-curry leave rice-lime pickle yogurt   gf



Salmon-sweet potato cakes-pickled cucumber salad-lime hollandaise 

Grilled garlic prawns-crispy potato cubes-citrus aioli

Cod filet-black olive tapenade-grilled vegetable   gf

Blackened Cajun cod-fennel cabbage salad-kefir dressing    gf

Fish dumpling laksa-glass noodles-Bok choy-coriander    gf, n

Grown up fish fingers-crisps-tartare sauce



Eggplant parmigiana-basil-mozzarella-parmesan   v, gf

Chestnut mushroom stroganoff-steamed rice   v, gf

Butternut squash-fennel gratin-cannellini bean puree   v, ve, gfo

Chilli bean-guacamole-corn tortilla shards   v, ve, gf

BBQ Mediterranean vegetables-orzo pasta-basil pesto    v, veo, n

Avocado Caesar salad-quail egg-parmesan crisp   v, gfo



Eggplant parmigiana-basil-gremolata   ve, gf, n

Whole-wheat pasta-lentil ragu-cashew parmesan   ve, n

Buckwheat risotto-tossed greens-grilled mushrooms-cashew parmesan   ve, gf, n

Potato-butter bean Gulasch-soured yoghurt-chives   ve, gf

Thai coconut curry-green bean-tofu-jasmine rice   ve, gf

Eggplant-Lentil Moussaka-spinach salad   ve, gf

Celeriac schnitzel-potato salad   ve, gfo



Eton mess-meringue-summer berries-vanilla cream-limoncello syrup   gf, v

Vanilla bean risotto-vin santo poached pear   gf, v



British apple-berry crumble-vanilla cream   v

Dark chocolate pots-fresh raspberry-brownie crumbs   v

Austrian Apfel strudel-vanilla sauce   v

Orange liqueur soaked almond cake-mascarpone-pistachio   v, n

Fresh fruit salad-maraschino liqueur-mint   ve

Pineapple carpaccio-mint sugar   ve

Affogato-double espresso shot served over vanilla bean ice cream   v, gf


We recommend 3 bowls per person

Minimum order 25 portions per dish

On site chef is charged at POA (not applicable to larger events)

Waiting staff is charged at POA (minimum 4 hours)

Please email or call us for a customised quote based on your guest numbers. Discounts apply to larger events.


Sharing / Family Meals

Please refer to the above Bowl food menu, and contact us regarding pricing depending on your guest numbers



Avocado Caesar salad, sourdough croutons, creamy dressing + parmesan, anchovies optional   v

Fatoush salad, toasted pita, sumac dressing   v

Singapore noodle, coriander, raisins, sesame seeds, carrot, broccoli   v

Sauteed zucchini, mint, feta, pine nuts   v, gf, n

Zaatar roasted cauliflower, golden sultanas, dates-pinenuts   v, ve, gf, n

Potato, Lambs lettuce, mustard syrup vinaigrette   v, ve, gf

Cucumber, cabbage, crème fraiche, onion seeds    v, gf

Baby potatoes, parsley pesto, zucchini, walnuts, lemon   v, ve, gf

RAW Beetroot, carrot-golden sultanas, pomegranate dressing, mint   v, ve, gf

Mograbiah, roasted carrots, pumpkin seeds, parsley, lemon dressing   v, ve

Mixed leaves, yoghurt dressing, sourdough croutons   v, gf

Tuscan slaw, cabbage, fennel, sultanas, walnuts, capers, spring onion, lemon, parmesan   v, n, gf

Heirloom tomatoes, pickled red onion, basil, vinaigrette   v, ve, gf

Greek salad, feta, peppers, cucumber, plum tomatoes, greek oregano, kalamata olives   v, gf

Crushed roasted potato-micro herbs-mustard vinaigrette   v, ve, gf

Roasted root vegetables-date syrup-pomegranate   v, ve, gf

Chargrilled Mediterranean vegetables, baby spinach, balsamic orange dressing   v, ve, gf

Ginger roasted pumpkin, quinoa, mint, chilli   v, ve

Grilled broccoli-chilli-preserved lemon dressing   v, ve, gf

Broccolini, green beans, peas, lemon, Greek olive oil   v, ve, gf

House slaw - house vinaigrette or yoghurt mayonnaise   v, veo, gf

Classic Nicoise-green bean, potato, tomato, gem lettuce, tuna, red onion, olives   gf 

Roasted mushroom, wilted greens, bean sprouts, soy vinaigrette   v

Curried cauliflower, orzo, golden sultanas, cucumber yoghurt dressing   v


Fresh fruit salad-maraschino liqueur-mint   ve, gf


Minimum order 10 portions per salad


Please email or call us for a customised quote based on your guest numbers. Discounts apply to larger events.

If choosing more then one salad for your event, you do not need to order a portion of each salad, please email us for advice on quantities

Please note we require a 50 % non-refundable deposit to secure your booking and date, the remaining 50 %, we require 7 days prior to the event date.




Veo-vegan option available

N-contains nuts

Gf-gluten free

Gfo-gluten free option available

Oso-on site only- requires assembling


Please note gluten, nuts and seeds are present in our kitchen and there is a risk of cross contamination

If you have any concerns regarding allergies please speak to our staff to confirm the ingredient list

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We can cater and organise any event for you from 2 to 500 guests. From private dinner parties, birthday celebrations, weddings, BBQs, cocktail parties, bowl food events to sporting events.

We also provide business lunches and corporate events.

Contact us for a copy of our seasonal menus for you to choose, or we can customise a menu specific to your event.

Any special dietary requirements are welcome. Vegan and gluten free options are available on most of our culinary creations.


Our gorgeous cafe/shop which opened in October 2018 is conveniently located between Kingston and Surbiton, serves organic coffee, sandwiches, scrumptious hand made wraps, savouries, freshly made salads, freshly baked bread and a large selection of cakes and sweet treats all baked by us and made onsite.


In our deli fridge you can find our award winning hummus a selection of home made tapenade, pate, terrines, cheeses, charcuterie and olives. 


And our shelves are filled with home baked cookies, biscuits, crostini, wine crackers and our famous Fig & Almond Log (a fine condiment for cheese).


From late 2019 we will be stocking a selection of freshly prepared take home meals perfect for that gourmet evening at home.


We are open 6 days a week from 9am to 4pm.

Phone: 0208 5465  782

77 Surbiton Road, Surbiton, KT1 2HW


You can find us at selected Farmers Markets in Surrey, with our selection of gourmet sausage rolls, savoury tarts, pies, scotch eggs, pork terrines, chicken liver pâté, award-winning hummus, olive tapenades and, of course, our famous wine crackers and fig & almond log.

Find us at the following markets, monthly:

First Saturday Ham Parade

Second Saturday Ripley

Third Saturday Surbiton, Maple Road

Fourth Saturday Thames Ditton 


Our Fig & Almond Log is the ultimate condiment to accompany your cheese selection or just eaten as a delicious snack. Made from organic sun-dried figs, Spanish almonds and Italian balsamic vinegar. (vegan)

Our Wine Crackers are light and crisp, and the perfect partner to your antipasti selection or enjoyed by themselves with your favourite glass of wine. Made from organic flour and red grape seed flour which lends our cracker its unique flavour and colour. (vegan)

Our Award winning Black Hummus which is made from Black Chickpeas, an ancient variety grown on a small organic farm in Tolve, southern Italy, which add a deep earthy flavour. (vegan)

Our products are available at our shop and at all our farmers markets.

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'We used Ralph's catering services on three separate occasions so far for family celebrations where we needed delicious food, a professional and attentive service, sensible advice and a creative touch. We have found Ralph to be very experienced and quick-thinking for all different kinds of catering and party service needs - from setting up a marquee right down to beautifully presented and individually served dishes. He is very reliable and knowledgeable, and very flexible with all of a client's requirements. We would highly recommend his catering services and will be using him again in the near future for a large event.'                                                   

Susanne St., Kingston upon Thames


'I was hosting a house party with about 50 guests so Ralph came up with a menu of hot and cold canapés to suit the function. He delivered the food about two hours before the party started with clear instructions and kindly left me all his serving bowls. The portions were very generous and the food was absolutely delicious. We had lots of great comments from our guests about the food. I originally considered using Waitrose party food but when comparing the prices and having the option of using a local passionate company with fresh food and ideas, I would always choose Ralph!'

Lexi T., Molesey

'Ralph’s gluten-free steak pies are quite simply the best pies I’ve ever tasted. The pastry is amazing and you’d never have the slightest idea it was gluten free. The pies are very generously filled and the quality of the steak is exceptional, the meat is so tender it just melts in your mouth and is surrounded by a delicious rich dark gravy. Perfect comfort food ! I buy the pies fresh but have discovered they reheat perfectly from frozen too. My children have no special dietary requirements but even so they beg me to get Ralph’s gluten  free pies because they taste so good !'

Katie M., Stoke d'Abernon/Cobham


'Ralph’s food is outstanding for any occasion whether it is a formal dinner party, a cocktail party or a summer party in the garden.  His food choices are amazing, and you cannot go wrong with any of his dishes.  Ralph is so professional, friendly and reliable.  Ralph will provide as much assistance as you need with platters, cutlery, servers etc…  I highly recommend Ralph for any special occasion you may be celebrating.'

Rachel M., Cobham

'Ralph Wettach is providing all our in-house counter foods, events catering and wine matching dinners at our shop in Putney.

We hooked up with Ralph when we opened this shop a year ago because his quality and broad range of skills and offerings were already known to us.  And its working out very well, never disappointed even one person that's for sure,  with either traditional foods or the more common contemporary style. The locals here it seems just love his offerings, inc his often very clever creations for events. 

We have only the highest praise for Ralph, for his culinary prowess and for his professional execution.

We are proud to be associated with Ralph and will certainly continue to do so.'

Mike St., Owner Artisan & Vine, Putney, London


'Everyone commented on how wonderful the food was at my birthday party. In particular the Thai curry and the chocolate mousse were delicious. I would recommend Ralph and will use him again.'

Lizz O., Molesey

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77 Surbiton Rd.



Shop: 0208 5465 782

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